I have a collection of articles that i have enjoyed and wanted to share them with you as well. I find them to be very interesting and helpful.

Just under the list of links is an article of my own, regarding puppy mills.

“Mentoring: A way to oppose the Animal Rights Crazies” an AWESOME article on fighting the AR movement.

A Brief History of the Papillon: Find out how the Papillon came to be.

Science of Vaccine Damage Well written argument against annual vaccine boosters.

“The Straight Shot on Vaccines”  What the vets don’t tell you about vaccines.

“Shot In the Dark” what to know about pet Vaccinations

“Annual Dog Vaccines May Be Unnecessary”: Study: Over vaccination May Jeopardize Dog’s Health

“BARF (Bones and Raw Food)”  If you can afford the healthiest diet for your dog.

“Puppy Mills”  If you can stomach the site of it.

“What the Vet won’t tell you” 10 common things a vet won’t tell you about themselves, care and expenses you will incur.

“Basic Genetic Concepts and Facts” To help you have an understanding of how traits are inherited.

“Canine Diseases and Inexpensive Prevention” Descriptions on common canine diseases.

“Canine Heartworms and Inexpensive Prevention”  This prevention works for other parasites as well.  I also use it on my poultry when needed.

“Canine Intestinal Worms and Inexpensive Treatment

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“Canine Pregnancy Calendar” A Java Script calculator re-designed for canines by Debbie Jensen.

“Canine Reproduction” Helpful information for breeding and whelping.

“Papillon Coat Color Genetics”


Puppy Mills

2012-11-26-153I am very much against the “Animal Rights Movement”….and if you want to continue owning your pets, you should be too. Here is an awesome article that is a MUST READ for every pet owner:

“Mentoring: A way to oppose the Animal Rights Crazies” it is an AWESOME article. If the link doesn’t work, type the title in your google search.

Everybody has their own ideas and presumptions about Puppy Mills, and it has a lot to do with perspective. To some breeders, everyone is a Puppy Mill except them and their friends. Since I have worked in the Animal Care and Animal Shelter fields, I may have a different perspective on it than some. I make that judgment by how loved a person’s dogs are. There is a distinct difference between a “backyard breeder”, “hobby breeder” and a “puppymill”.

When I worked at the shelter, we dealt with one lady, that was finally shut down, who had over 50 cages…..visualize rabbit cages…..that her dogs lived in. They had wire floors, and empty, dirty food/water bowls. Their hair was matted to the skin, where raw, oozing sores were revealed after being shaved. These dogs were frightened, and some where aggressive (which I am sure is from being on the defensive for so long). They were very underweight, and stunk to the high Heavens. It was very much like the places described here.

After seeing that kennel, I gained a new perspective on exactly what a Puppy Mill is.

What some of these “Everyone’s a Puppy Mill” breeders don’t stop to think about, is that the best way to shut these people down, is education of the public about what “real” puppymills are and offering affordable alternatives to them. There is a pet store in a nearby city that I used to frequent for supplies…… I was stunned to find out they only pay $100 for unregistered purebreds, and $150 for registered purebreds…..yet they sell them for $1000-2500+. Imagine if all the pet store puppy-buyers knew that they were paying over 650% markup!

So, in my personal opinion, when determining whether I think a breeder runs a Puppy Mill, I look at their dogs’ Quality Of Life, and this is how I feel: If a breeder’s dogs live in cages with limited activity and love, then they run a Puppy Mill. If a person has more dogs than they can afford to care for properly, and are breeding for more, then they are running a Puppy Mill. I don’t care if they have the most expensive and fanciest kennel ever built, and the fanciest supplies and most expensive this or that…if their dogs live in cages full time, then IMO, the shoe fits. A cage is a cage is a cage….no matter the angle you look at it, or the name you call it.

However, it is not to be confused with having a couple of kennels to use for breeding – to keep the dogs separate, insuring that only the intended litter is produced. The more boys a breeder has, is the harder it is to keep them separate when the girls start coming in heat. You have the fighting to contend with, along with the “digging under”, “climbing over” and tearing up everything in between. Cages are essential for this reason, but to have dogs living in them all the time does not allow the dog a very good quality of life.

As for the Animal rights issue, there is a huge difference between “Animal Welfare” and “Animal Rights”. It’s worrisome to see breeders humanizing their dogs and puppies because they don’t realize the danger when we start seeing animals in the same light as humans. We all love our dogs like they are our children and the animals rights people will take every opportunity to take advantage of that. The minute we all forget that pets are property that we “own”, and choose to “adopt them out” rather than “sell” them, is the minute the Animal Rights crusaders will have us banned from owning or breeding them at all.

Please take some time and read the articles and facts discovered about the Humane Society of the United States.

They are NOT who you think they are!