Welcome to my “Available” page

Here,  you can see the puppies and adult papillons I have available and answers to general questions that are typically asked when people inquire.  If you look in the “drop down” menu above, the available dogs and puppies may already have a personal page made where you can find detailed information about them and see more pictures, otherwise, please click on the pictures to open them in a slide show where you can see more details about them.


Price is dependent on quality, pedigree and buyer’s intentions and includes:  

AKC Registration application (that may be temporarily retained until your puppy has been spayed or neutered), health guarantee, up to 3 vaccinations, crate/litter-box/doggy door training, small supply of food and vitamins, years of pedigree and health research/testing, several informative articles regarding pet care/recent studies and unlimited advice/support from an experienced breeder and mentors, for the life of the dog.

 Pet Quality 4-6 months old: $1200 – $1500

Older than 6 months old:  $800-$1200

I realize it is easy enough to find a cheaper puppy somewhere else, and those breeders know what their puppies are worth.  Maybe you will get lucky and find one with no health or temperament problems, or maybe you’ll exceed that cost in vet care to get/keep them healthy and/or get their bad habits rehabilitated.  The gamble is yours to take. Its not up to me to determine the value of someone else’s puppies, but maybe they don’t invest as much money in their health care/testing and competition to insure they are producing quality Papillons.  It is very easy to become “kennel blind” if you are not competing against others in your area and having the quality evaluated and compared to others.  If they aren’t making the extra effort to insure quality, why spend the money on a purebred when you can help save a life at a local shelter?  Or if you want a sound, healthy, well bred dog at half the price, you could consider one of my retirees.

Retirees: $500-800

I prefer to retire my dogs around the age of 4 or 5 year old, so most of my retiring adults are still very young.  They can live to be 15-18 years old, so “middle aged” is about 7-9 years old,  which means they will still have a very long life ahead of them.  If you want a well bred, sound and healthy dog that fits in a tighter budget, then you should consider a retiree. Some people can’t afford, or don’t appreciate the work that goes into being a reputable breeder, yet they want a well bred, healthy, geneticly-tested, mentally and physically sound puppy with a long line of champions in their pedigrees.  My retirees fit that bill well and are also trained to walk on a lead and mind their manors.  Most will be ready, (or near ready), to pass the Canine Good Citizen test and become therapy/companion dogs.  Some of my retirees have even gone on to become Obedience and Agility competitors.

 Show prospects: $2000 – $2500 

This price is the same, even when going to pet homes.  I rarely sell to show homes, but I will consider legitimate show homes, depending on my contractual obligations regarding the parents and/or grandparents of my puppies.  I do not breed for pet quality, but I cannot show them all, so most of my puppies placed in companion homes are show prospects that may develop to be show quality.

I will not hold a puppy without a deposit!

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE because it is paying for a service, and that service is in not making your chosen pup available for consideration by other buyers.  If you have been approved for a puppy but do not reserve him with a deposit, the next person who is approved for that puppy will likely be the one to get him.  If a deposit is mailed, you need to send the tracking number. I will not tell you if someone else is in communication with me about the puppy.  If you want him and are approved, then leave a deposit if you don’t want someone else to buy him.  

I do not keep a waiting list and I only breed for what I need

so I don’t always have a litter planned.  My “next litter” may be 6 months from now, or it may be 2 years from now.  If you are serious about wanting a puppy from me, just keep in touch.  When I finally have a litter that might have a puppy or two come available, the names I remember are the ones one that keep in touch and ask how the puppies are doing while they are growing.  I am happy to share pictures and stories as the puppies grow, but I am too busy to keep a list of everyone who wants updates.  I’ll answer emails as they come in, if you don’t hear from me within a day, then email me again.  I usually answer emails from my iPhone the minute they come in, even if its just to say “I received your email and I’ll answer it as soon as I get home”.


My puppies are raised with a litterbox and/or “potty patch”, and doggie door, depending on age, which aids in housebreaking.  I am frequently told that my puppies are nearly completely house broken when they arrive at their new homes and every time, I am asked how I accomplished it at such a young age. There’s no secret, they just don’t like to sleep in dirty beds, so they use the litter box or potty-patch. They start off in large crates, then are moved to a larger x-pen and as their attempts at using the litter box becomes more successful, I increase their living area.  My puppies stay in the house until they are 4-6 weeks old and do not go out at all, until they are 4 weeks old, when I start taking them outside for a few minutes, several times a day.  This is another factor in their house-breaking. For the most part, they will stop eliminating in their x-pen shortly after I start doing this. During this time they are socialized with the rest of the pack, the cats and my 5 children.

Be sure and click on the pictures to see the slideshow

The slideshow includes additional information about the ones that are available. You can also check the menu to see if the available dogs have their own pages posted, where you can see more pictures and details.

I last updated this page on July 12th, 2017 with 3 available male puppies. If its been awhile or if you can’t view the gallery, just email or text me for current availability.


Jennifer Able-Jones



Roswell, NM 88201

Due to a burdensome number of telemarketers calling, I do not take calls from people I don’t know, so please send an email, text or leave a message and I will answer or call you back when it is convenient for me to do so.  

I get up to 8 calls every day from people selling extended warranties or want me to donate to their cause, so I no longer answer the phone unless its someone I know or am expecting a call from.