Past/Reference Dogs


As of September 2015, I have 12 champion, and 10 of them are “bred by”, which means I bred them myself.  However, they don’t all still live with me, so I’ve created this page to link them to, so they they are not mistaken for own personal dogs.  Please follow the drop-down links above, to see my past champions, retirees and the dogs I’ve sold to show homes that are being shown by their owners.

If you would like to purchase a show prospect from me, please fill out the form on the inquiry page, and include the name of your mentor(s), list of the shows you’ve competed in and the registered names of the dogs you’ve shown, finished and/or bred.  The registered names of any dogs you intend to breed would be helpful as well.

I do not wish to have my dogs breeding in homes that don’t show.   The only reason I breed, is to accomplish certian goals.  I want my puppies championed, and I want their parents to earn Hall of Fame (DOM or SOM) awards.  Its great to have bred champions, but even greater if your champions can produce champions as well.  It is how accomplishments and success are measured in this fancy.  If you are breeding for any other reason, then it does not benefit me to place any of my puppies with you.

Showing and competing is not something you do just to prove yourself to a show breeder, so that you can acquire a puppy from them.  It is a lifestyle.  There’s no set amount of shows I expect my clients to compete in.  I want to work with people who are serious about making this lifestyle a part of their life and that can be persistant and stuburn about making it work and becoming successful.  If you are thin-skinned or easily offended, then the sport is probably not for you.  Please consider it seriously before committing to it, because that’s what I expect it to be, a “commitment”.