Ch J Bar’s Peach Pottpouri “Peaches”

Ch J Bar's Peach Pottpouri

Peaches is an intense, high energy, neurotic but gorgous girl!  She’s a sweet girl, but gets so excited, that she can’t calm down and enjoy anyone’s company.  She will be living with her new owner, Ginni Burchardt in Cloudcroft the fall of 2015 and hopefully start a long carreer in agility.  She needs to do something she can focus intently on, besides driving me crazy! I just LOVE the way this girl is put together and I have my fingers crossed that her puppies have her type and structure with a calmer, more attentive and compliant personality.  If I were magic and could change anything about her, asside from her temperament, it would be her markings.  She has more ticking than I like, and I’m not particularly fond of her hound tri, which makes her eyes appear lighter than they are.