GrCh Mefath’s Baileys “Bailey”

GrCh Mefath's Bailey
GrCh Mefath’s Bailey

I imported my first successful show dog “Bailey”, bred by Maria Gerhardsson, from Sweeden in February 2011. He began his show carreer with Danial Goebel two months later.  He showed for three weekends, with the third weekend being the PCA Nationals, where he was being considered for 3rd place before he spooked at something  and refused to be re-examined when the judge asked for a 2nd examination on the table.  As a result, he didn’t place at all.    This scare carried through to the show the next day, where Bailey refused to let the judge examine him again, so Daniel sent him home for more training.

Bailey was home for a month while I worked on getting him over what ever it was that scared him and when I thought he was ready, I entered him in the show in Big Spring Tx, where he placed BOB twice and earned a group 2nd, all owner-handled.  He seemed to have recovered, so he joined Daniel Goebel in Colorado Springs and finished his Champion Title in just four more weekends.  Not considering the month he spent home retraining, Bailey essentially finished his show carreer with 4 majors, in six weeks time.  This record includes a group 2nd and one of the majors was a four point win.

In the next 10 shows, he finished his Grand Champion title, showing minimally over 3 years time.  Even though he’s older and prefers to stay home with the puppies now, he still shows the same every time when I take him, which I do every now and again, because I just love showing off how pretty he is.

He has one pup that has a successful agility carreer going and another pup that I kept, that was ruined at an outdoor show by the wind flopping canapies and making alot of noise.  As of this post, she is currently in training with Clint Livingston in hopes that she will recover from that traumatic experience.  If he’s not successful with her, then she will produce some nice “Bailey Grandchildren” to carry on the line.  She looks very much like him, except for her tan markings that make her a tri, instead of black and white.  Her name is Aime, watch for her page to be posted, if I can ever find the time.