Below are some comments from my customers. Please feel free to add your own if you have one of my puppies.


  1. Dear Jennifer:

    It has been almost a year since josh and I met you to pick up our little girl Mini. I thought I would send you a picture of her all grown up. She has turned out to be the most amazing dog and just what we were looking for. Mini is so loving, very playful, talkative (believe it or not I really thinks she tries to talk), just all around a perfect dog. Everyone that meets her absolutely lover her. Thank you so much! I am now a papillon lover, and look forward to buying another papillon from you in the future.


    Stephanie Walton

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    Batman is 6lbs 12oz today! He’s even more beautiful than ever, & has the sweetest, most loving personality (unless he’s being mischievous). 🙂

    He loves playing fetch, & introduces himself to all the big dogs and small. He has no preference. It’s all about getting someone to play with him. Owners of the Pitbull around the corner said that despite their dog’s fierce countenance, he’s a love & Bat is the only dog to ever approach him. They’re buddies.

    We’re traveling from CA to NM then to Boston. He’s a great traveler. Nary a peep once his bag is zipped closed. We play hard just before he’s kenneled so he sleeps through it all. Also, because you taught us about the pellets, I make sure they’re available so if our flights are delayed I take him into the bathroom, put down a rubber mat, sprinkle some letters & if he has to go he does it right there. I flush it, wash & put away the mat. Sooo convenient!

    Thank you for our darling boy!

    Margaret Englund

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I just wanted to give you a quick update!

    The last two weeks have been absolutely AWESOME! At first it was a little slow and both my roommate and I questioned if she had much of a personality beyond cuddles and sleeping but now she’s completely out of her shell and one of the funniest puppies I’ve ever met. Her personality fills up the room. It’s so great to watch her play and run around and just do genuinely silly things. She’s been such a joy and a blessing and I already feel like I would never be able to handle it if she and I had to separate for any reason at all.

    The walking situation has gotten a lot better for her now that it’s warmed up and she’s getting used to the sounds. We even discovered a nice dog run by my apartment! We haven’t had a chance to go during normal hours when there are lots of dogs there, but sometimes we go at night and she runs around and explores. She’s no longer nervous when other people with dogs walk past us on the pathway and she keeps on trotting along.

    We’ve also met a lot of people who fall in love with her the minute they see her! Everyone at the pet store that we go to fawns over her and she was a huge hit when she went to the vet. Yesterday, she met a little boy who lives in the building across from mine and he asked if she would be back in the same spot the next day at the exact same time so he could see her again. Sometimes she comes into work with me and sits at my desk or hangs out with the other employees. They can’t get over how calm and quiet she is when she’s in the office.

    I could not have asked for a sweeter dog if I wanted to. Thank you so much for allowing me to have her and take care of her. It’s been such a joy and a privilege.

    I hope you and your family are doing well!


  4. Hi Jenn,

    I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how well Mika is doing. As you know we had a long day on Tuesday getting back to Baton Rouge. Mika took a long nap in my lap in Roswell and after that she was very comfortable with all that was going on for the rest of the trip. I brought a cloth/Velcro harness and leash with me that fit her well and we went outside at the airport for a little while. I as delighted when she went potty in the grass! What I didn’t expect was how well she would be doing that from then on! Like clockwork the minute we go outside she runs right out into the grass and relieves herself. Even if we were just out a few minutes before – she knows what she is supposed to do. I find this remarkable at 12 weeks and can’t compliment you enough on her early development. You and your family certainly put a lot of care into raising these babies!

    Mika is such a terrific little girl. She is definitely going to be my little lap girl. After spending so much time in my lap on Tuesday she has decided she likes that quite well. In the airport we also had lots of time to play. I had brought several toys which she really liked. What I was amazed with is that she is quite adept at playing fetch! She sticks with this game for many throws. Today Mika has been running around the house like she grew up here. Our 3 older dogs have been very tolerant of her attempts to play with them but they aren’t into playing with a rambunctious puppy and just walk on as she watches in disappointment. It’s pretty funny. I think they will indulge her eventually, but their interest in playing is pretty low at this stage of their life. They do watch her play and I think they think she is cute in much the same way grandparents do when they watch kids play. Now little Tucker, our 4 year old Pap has moved from disbelief to guarded curiosity. Mika is doing her best to entice him to play and he is wavering. There have been a couple of false starts on a game of chase, so it won’t be long – maybe tomorrow when some true play gets going. Tucker is a playful dog so he won’t be able to hold out much longer.

    Mika had her new puppy checkup at the vet yesterday and of course passed with flying colors. My vet was very complimentary. He was very happy that you waited until 8 weeks to start shots. Apparently some breeders give them as early as 4 weeks, which is much too early. He also examined her structure and said normally he can find at least some minor “flaws” but found none at all with Mika.

    I’ll send you some pictures this weekend. Most of the shots from my phone are pretty marginal. We have better ones on the camera and will be taking more, of course.

    Thank you so much for our little angel – we couldn’t be happier with this little jewel.


  5. Jennifer, just checking in to let you know that at 3 years of age our Bella is still the love of our lives. She is the sweetest most loving dog ever and beautiful in every way. She is still very active but minds much better with more training and a little maturity. We can’t imagine our daily lives without her. We take her when we go to Landsun and Lakeview to visit our parents and she is a hit wherever we go. Some one else mentioned that their dog tries to talk. Well, Bella absolutely does talk to us and has a responding vocabulary of at least 100 words. Everyone thinks their dog is the best and we are no exception. Thank you for trusting us to be Bella’s parents.

    Charlotte Neill

  6. I just wanted to tell anyone who is looking for a great companion they should try their best to get a dog from you. Satchi has been with us for about 8 months and I cannot image being without her. She was older and really her temperament and mine are so great. You really matched us perfectly.! Really lovely and everyone who meets her comments what a nice girl she is… The Vet,groomer, dog trainer and strangers who meet her. She walks beautifully,friendly to all! Thank you so very much .


  7. Salutations Jennifer!

    It’s been a week since Ripley has join our family. He has been developing nicely.
    Ripley has been learning a few hand signal with commands. On a stroll, he does well. Very adventurous and alert to his area. Still shy of strangers, but eventually he’ll greet them if they take to the time to stick around to chat.
    On the potty-training: the normal 2 steps foreward and 1 back, With a schedule he was doing well, until the 5th day, 2 mishaps in one day. Now hes back on track, YEA! Being a thinker, I knew he would catch on fast.
    Play time: KuJoe and Ripley wonderful brotherly fun and share toys well. Let’s say they have a BALL!

    But the main thing that I wanted, is a sweet, cute, cuddely furball of my own. Mission accomplished! The love just keeps on with its blessings.

    Many Thanks! :} Ripley & I !!!

    Shelley Adkins

  8. Hi Jennifer,

    I was very excited when I read how you care for and, train your dogs. I had to write to let you know how impressed I was.

    As I research the Papillon breed I feel it would be a great fit for myself and my husband but am cautious about introducing another dog to my senior toy poodle. However I believe an older dog would be a much better choice than a puppy. Until we took in the poodles we had never adopted an older dog but I was very pleased with the transition. It was also nice missing the puppy chewing and house breaking stages. (Although we still had to work on some housebreaking issues brought on by the sudden separation and decline in care.)

    I was so sad to see you are located so far away from my home. I feel like one of your retirees would be a great possibility. I also love the ideal of having a dog that could be trained as a therapy dog. I would have loved to come check out your dogs!

    Well I appreciate your sincere dedication to what seems to be a wonderful breed. I just needed to take a minute to let you know.


    Lynda Coan

    Lynda Coan

  9. Hi Jennifer! I wanted let you know that Henri is adjusting well to life in Dallas. He goes to work with me everyday and everyone who meets him falls in love with him instantly. He is the sweetest dog and has the most gentle disposition. When I took him to the vet for his first check up, I couldn’t say enough amazing things about you and your breeding practice. As I was telling him about the incredible cleanliness of your facility, the DNA markers you tested, your vaccine schedule and knowledge of titers, he too was so impressed! I know I’ve only had Henri for a few days but I know I got an amazing puppy because he came from an amazing breeder.

    Thank you for being an awesome, no-nonsense, conscientious breeder. Thank you for your patience in answering all my questions. Thank you for being so accommodating and letting my husband and I visit you and your Papillons before we brought Henri home. Thank you for the sweetest puppy ever!

    I look forward to exchanging updates on how Henri is doing and how you and your dogs are. Please let me know when you’re in the Dallas area. I’d love for you to meet up with you so you can see Henri.

    Many thanks!!!

    Marinette Tran

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